We offer the following services to Interior Designers and their clients. 


Receive freight, UPS and FED EX deliveries.

Open and inspect within two business days (inspections are limited to obvious damages only). 

Take pictures and email to designers for verification the item is correct.

We will unroll rugs for inspection by request only. We do not unroll carpets.

We do not hang any items on walls, i.e art, headboards, etc. 

Damage claims are between the vendors, the carrier, and the customer. We will assist the customer with claims at our standard hourly rate.

We will repackage return items at our standard hourly rate plus cost of the materials. 

Breakdown and disposal of all packaging materials. We do not keeps boxes from items received unless item is obviously damaged. 

Provide resources for damaged item repair.

Insurance coverage.


Seven business days free storage based on the arrival date of your items.

We do not prorate on storage based on move out date.

Store freight until designer notification of delivery.

Climate and non- climate controlled storage. 

Facility well above the flood zone. 


Drive time discounts will be applied when we " piggyback" multiple items going to the same area.  

One hour delivery window. 

All changes include but are not limited to truck, load time, travel time, installation, fuel and insurance. There may be extra charges incurred for door removal and replacement, stair carries, or other circumstances.